Add-on Lets You Do Amazing Things On Your Sex Swing

I just found a brand new attachment by Screamer on a different blog. They make an over the door kit that lets you transform a full sex swing to a door swing so you can bring it along with you on vacation. Once you have a Screamer, this low price add-on could make for a lot more enjoyment.

This door kit offers another use. When you’ve got the Whipsmart Brand Swings, a Screamer Dual hook, or the Screamer Single Hook, you can make use of these for an installation which doesn’t employ ceiling hooks

The key is these swings all include straps that can be removed from the mounting hardware and you’ll utilize these straps together with the doorway kit making it call for absolutely no anchoring screws.

To do this without any screws, you will need to have a residence layout that has 2 doorways across from each other. All you do is put one door mounting kit strap on each door. Next you hook up your straps between them and you have got an easy dual hook swing with no screws.

So you don’t have two doorways across from one another? No issues.

Across from your doorway, mount an eye hook in the wall. It might seem somewhat unusual, but a screw in your wall is easier to clarify than a hook in your ceiling. Merely take a picture or some art and hang it from your hook and it will look like that it was supposed to be there.



Sex Swing Videos

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Sex Swing Selection

Before shopping for a sex swing, here are a brief few ideas for deciding on exactly what to order.


Door Swings – Door swings are a good option when you live in a rental apartment or aren’t able to install hooks in your ceiling. They have a good number of positions, but not as many as a sex swing. Door swings also will be the lowest priced swing or sling and perfect for travelling or portability.


Sex Swings – A classic sex swing is the perfect choice if you want to have a wide range of positions. The things which can make a swing far more comfortable are a wide bar or possibly a 2 hook and wider seats. A headrest is essential. These swings have 1 or 2 anchor points which you’ll screw to your bedroom ceiling or maybe a sex swing stand.


Sex Slings – Sex slings tend to be the most comfortable solution, and they are perfect for individuals with disabilities. They may also be great for couples that wish to use them for long times like a bondage situation. A downside will be the small number of sexual positions. Additionally, you’ll have 4 anchor spots that can make it trickier for some people.


Each of these solutions can make a great swing. To me, I enjoy each one for different reasons and each are very different. I am lucky enough to have hooks for every type of sex swing at my house so I could swap from one to another without difficulty.

Most Flexible Sex Swing

I wanted to talk about a manufacturer of Sex Swing in place of a certain swing. The Screamer sex swing is one of the newer swings that you can buy so lots of you may have not heard about it, but it really has some great features which i just wanted to mention.

Firstly, contrary to virtually ever other swing out there, all Screamers are built with all steel hardware in lieu of plastic. This not only makes them strong, but it provides them a very clean look. It really is pretty awesome.

But the thing i actually wanted to share with you today is that you can reconfigure a Screamer swing to work the way you want it to work which opens you to a great deal of fresh and outstanding options.

Nearly all sex swings can be bought as just one piece and they are what they are. A Screamer Swing is actually put together with large carabiners. Carabiners are those small neat snap hook things you notice climbers use.

This allows me to use the sex swing using the straps I’d like on it rather then having all the straps connected constantly. Which permits the choice of buying attachments like the squatting accessory… which I Adore!

There are also handles, something most swings do not supply and I can snap those where ever I want. They’re not built in a static manner. Same applies to the stirrups. I’m a legs over your head kind of woman and I can easily move the stirrups as high as I would like!

When you’re looking at flexibility, there is no sex swing available on the market that can come close to matching what you can do with a Screamer. Because of this by itself it’s a wonderful option!

Screamer Sex Swing

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No Longer A Sling Virgin

There are a lot of styles of sex swings to choose from, however the one product that My husband and I have never really given a try to is sling design swing.

My partner and I look at a sex sling to be the swings which have three to four installing hooks and have pretty much a hammock design seat to sit in. I am clarifying that simply because a few brands for instance Sportsheets consider a sex sling to be a strap that goes around your neck and ankles to support ones legs up while you are lying down on your back. That’s not the things i am speaking about in this article.

So I not too long ago had a opportunity to check out this suede sex sling. Very first time I have ever experienced one of these, and truly initially I wasn’t to excited. It really seems so ordinary and missionary position in my opinion. But that is just me.

Now that I have used it, I have had a change of heart. To start with, it is quite relaxing in comparison with just about any other sex swing that I have ever tried. Next, We used it having my legs held high in the air by the stirrups and it was nearly an instant orgasm. And for my lover, the position that we utilised this in gave a great view of vaginal penetration, so that was obviously a significant bonus for him.

Overall, I believe I may like this kind of swing. I imagine next I’ll have to try out some of the more expensive bondage sex slings and see how they work. My greatest fear with leather or vinyl fabric is that it might be sticky during intercourse. We will have to try and I will keep you posted.

Here is the bondage swing

Strip Joint Discovery

Recently I was checking out the sex toy shop that the local strip club and I not surprisingly generally examine out the sex slings. Well on this day, i discovered something brand new. Something I have never seen before. It was the “Ouch Sex Swing” – I was drawn to it from the other side of the store. It was unbelievable looking. It was gleaming and silver. It had metal buckles and merely was a good looking product. I Then checked out the cost… $600!!!! Ouch is perfect. The one thing suffering if I purchase that is my own bank account. That’s a hell of a lot of money for just a swing. I can go back into the club and get me 20 additional lap dances for that price tag. Nonetheless, maybe it is that wonderful and that i could fuck on that bitch much more then 15 times. Ok – I believe I will have to give it a try once I can save up the cash.

Expensive Swing